Queen Rearing

Posted by Peter 15/03/2014 0 Comment(s)

The weather has been incredibly mild and the bees are looking great.  We haven't gone through many hives but even the weakest of nucs is already laying on 2 frames.  If you have bees although they are now bringing something in there is still a starvation risk especially if the temperatures head south.  We have stated putting on boxes (large colonies will move honey to make way for brood) and are keeping our eyes out for signs of drones to start queen rearing.  Will be concentrating on Black Bees first with there ability to mate in lower temperatures.  Suspect we are still two or three weeks away from first graft.  Nucs are progressing well and some overwintered could be ready as early as the begining of April.

We are expecting to release the first batch of 2014 Nucs, Packages and Queens for sale early next week.  These should be ready from the Mid May onwards.