4 April 2015 Drones Seen !

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4th April-Drones seen!

This week has been a quiet week, feels like the calm before the storm.  Off with the kids so, with the weather being so poor hardly ventured out.  I did feed a site on Tuesday morning, couldn't get close, as the field was so wet, so finished off pushing a wheel barrow the last 100 yards.  The bees needed the feed as there's little or nothing flowering close to them.  Also managed to get round 3 sites on Thursday mostly just to heft and feed but did pop a queen down in the brood on one colony.  Drones were seen although only 3 and a small amount of drone brood so looks like WC 13th to start grafting is still a possibility.  Doubled up some broods on a few colonies, they should be ready for splitting in early to mid May all being well.  Any other colonies will get doubles WC 13th they look like they need another good week. I'll know more when I start inspections.  Best to let the bees have a week or more of uninterrupted flying.

On the farm at Goole Friday.  Just swapped position of one colony that needs a bit of a lift.  It will get a few more flying bees and then Tuesday or Thursday I'll give it a frame of brood.  Weak hives are always a problem as just giving them brood results in dead brood, always best to boost first.  It can also be done by shaking a few bees in front as you would with a mini nuc but weather too cold yet.  As long as they've had a good day flying which they did Tuesday there'll be enough bees fly to the weak hive from the strong one.  Other than that just waxed another 5 boxes, I use mostly langstroths, so all the frames are wired and stored so just needed wax adding and melting in.  I use an old car battery charger for doing that, bit heath-robbinson but it works.

Kids off next week as well so just got Tuesday and Thursday to get round a few sites then everything should start hitting up the week after.  By that time the OSR should be in flower.  Might have to pop a few supers on next week looking at the weather, here's hoping.

Might try and take a few photos and add them.