11 April 2015

Posted by Peter 11/04/2015 0 Comment(s)

Just a quick update on whats been happening this week.  Thought I'd firstly add an image of some double floors I'm trying out.  The idea being they will be easier to lift when I get fully organised in a year or so time. 


Other than that not a massive amount happening with the holiday week. Only spent Thursday on the bees and that was just going through 20 or so colonies marking queens and assessing strength.  Did a small amount of equalising but mainly just doubling up on some strong colonies.  Most broods need another week or two before equalising.  There was a bit of a flow coming in even though the rape is not in flower in that apiary, not enough to super up though hives do need enough room so they can move stores and free up some brood area.

At this time of the year you've always got to be mindful that, as hives are building, many of the bees in there have overwintered and are ageing quickly so you can mess with a colony too much and put it back weeks.  Best to add broods to strong colonies and leave medium colonies till they've managed to raise at least 2 good flushes of brood.  Going through this site, several need at least another week, more like 2 and they will look nice an will tolerate equalising better.

Looking to make up my mating hives on Monday with a view for a first graft on Tuesday. The mating nucs are prepaired and I've got the incubator set up. I'll look to post a photo of how the grafts take next week.

Looks like the quality of the image isn't that great, I'll try to work on that but hopefully you'll get the idea of the floors.